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Raising Our Lanterns For Virginia Tech

This is a copy of the email I sent our earlier today to various listservs. I realize that many people are mourning the events at Virginia Tech.. this is just something that I thought we could do as a student body to show our support.

I apologize in advance for the reptition on your f-lists.


In the face of great tragedy we are often left without guidance on how to proceed, even when our hearts urge us to act. Yet physical distance between the catastrophe at Virginia Tech does not mean we are empathetically distanced from the sense of loss the collegiate psyche is suffering. It was not just a loss for those with personal ties to Blacksburg, but a loss for all of us.

In memoriam of Virginia Tech, we will be holding a vigil on the Senior Steps at 6pm tonight, and we would encourage the entire Bryn Mawr community to join us. To show our support. To help heal.

Students, please bring your lanterns... so we can raise them in honor of the Hokie spirit.

Tut Tickets!

I have 2 tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute, valid for entry between 12pm and 12.30pm this Saturday (the 24th).  It seems like I may not be able to go, so anyone who would like one or both of them should comment, and I'll see what we can work out-- they were $35 each, but price is negotiable at this point.  Please help me out!

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Close the iTunes, yo!

Dear iTunes users:

Smokey The Bear Says: You too can prevent lag problems... by closing iTunes. :D

Yes, being able to share music with you friends over iTunes is amazing. It's sweet. Rock on.
But if you aren't at your computer, why leave iTunes open? By leaving streaming media (like iTunes, youtube, winmedia, etc.) open, you're sucking up bandwidth. There is a very, *very* limited amount of bandwidth that is allocated for streaming media through the BMC network pipelines. So leaving iTunes open when you aren't using it is a problem because it's bandwidth you don't really need, aaaand that some of us need to have for our classes and/or thesis.

Another helpful thing, for when you -are- using iTunes.. notice who's libraries you're sharing with. Are you actually listening to Jammin' Janice's Playlist? No? Then my friend, unhinge yourself from her playlist, be free! ...since by remaining connected to her library, you are also sucking up a ton o' da network.

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i greatly encourage/plead/beg that people spread the word, since the overuse of bandwidth is starting to get the network admin spazzin' out

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Does anyone know if Erdman gets especially hot, specifically on the third floor? It seems like it might be cooler because of all the cement--is this true? (I'm debating how many fans to bring) Thanks!

looking for a room-trade partner

Is there anyone out there who would prefer a senior room in Erdman to a junior or sophomore room in Brecon? I got shut out of Brecon last night and I really, really, really want to live there, as I have done for these past three years. I've heard (from Angie Sheets) that ResCo would consider a plea for a cross-year room trade, so I thought I'd ask on LJ and see if anyone would like to do that. There's a chance it won't go through, so I'm not going to ask that someone who really likes Erdman try to get Brecon if that situation arises, but if any of you end up with a tiny room in far-off Brecon, please consider trading it for a spacious senior room in centrally located, indestructible Erdman. My email is eshaw@brynmawr.edu. It goes without saying that any person who helps me out with this will be owed by me for life. And if you're not in room draw or want to live in neither Brecon nor Erdman, please pass the word on!
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